Have you ever stopped and thought about the pain you're causing us?
Have you ever stopped and counted how many tears have come from her eyes?
Do you ever get tired of erasing the past and covering the lies?
Did you picture this twenty five years ago with your hair dressed and your sixty nine countless?
Did you picture the problem when you got your fix at 2am with a crying child at home?
Well now you're left with problems, silence and a shell of what you used to love.
Can you feel my touch as I’m falling backwards?
Can you feel my heartbeat when I fall asleep?
I find comfort in dreams.
Can you see my eyes as they’re rolling backwards?
Can you see me die on the inside out?
It’s not too far behind.
It’s just too bad that I’m too scared to say anything.
It’s just too bad that you’re too sad to do anything.
And it’s just too bad that you’ve become the man that I hate.
And I wish I believed in God so I could have someone to blame.
But I wish you could pray to something so they take away all your pain.


from The Same Stories That Never Get Old, released July 21, 2017



all rights reserved


CityCop. Akron, Ohio

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