The Hope In Forgiving & Giving Up Hope

by CityCop.

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released January 2, 2011


Recorded & Produced by Matt @ Five-Fifths Studio in Painesville

All Artwork by Blade Birch



all rights reserved


CityCop. Akron, Ohio

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Track Name: X
Can this scene be laid to rest?
Get rid of the family crest,
that separates the prominent from those who want to be noticed.
When the kids are the ones, question decisions,
who beg to be different.
But they can't accept the fact, that everyone's not like them
that everybody can express themselves in a way that they can't,
can we learn to coexist? In a place where all the cliques
have their own thoughts, their own opinions being put in their heads.
Well I will take a stand, I will face everybody with a chance
Of not being accepted, we need to accept
this shit has to change, when you lose the meaning of what you love
and make it everything that you hate, it begins, to lose its fun.
Have you lost all of your heart and reason?
Just wanting people to see them.
Let's fight against the regulations, look out for everybodys obligations
Let's create something great,
Let's create something.
So where is the freedom that's in all of this?
Track Name: Ode to Bula/Flight Lessons
Like a tower, I will stand

It's gonna take a hell of a lot to knock me down,
I'll stand strong, I am strong
and nothing's gonna hold me back..
These inhabitants are growing so rapidly around us
The time is ever long, and my grip is ever strong
My child sing this sad song,
The one that I taught you ever so long ago,
while I watch you fail.
Observing every footstep.
The small ones are so near, but the ones that matter most
Oh the ones that I hold dear.
The farthest away they've ever been in time.
We'll fall down in anguish at the end of the line
The farthest I've seen in my days as a man,
and time will make me the person I can't stand.
Your morals have changed, as long as you know your parents will forgive you.
Breaking down, the hardest part ain't always breaking up.
Let these tears flow, these waterfalls from your eyes are well deserved.
It's once in a lifetime, my friend.
Transforming my mind, my body and soul.
And gambling with dice, hoping that I role
the luckiest number, a chance that's so pure.
and lucky for me, I just cannot endure.
Pray for.
I deserve This.
Track Name: Free Bird Part II
And as we stand in your driveway in fear,
the future and all that is near.
I still can't believe this. I am not a kid.
The beauty of youth is long gone, maturity has never seemed so wrong.
I miss innocence, I miss ignorance, I miss my backyard.
Memories of open fields, the scent of autumn still sticks out the strongest
and this will be the best summer of our lives.
As we screamed at the sun, apathy, the long hard drive.
I can't imagine a world in which consistant storms will be so missed.
But the rain and thunder look so glorious.
So I guess we'll just go with it.
And the grass never seemed so bland,
I'll grab my boy by the hand and tell him
to stay this way forever, and how much we loved him so.
And grandfather spoke too soon it seems.
When she left him, crushed perfect dreams.
So family came last, he died in his own past.
The liquid medicine he had, made everything seem so sad.
So we will drive into the unforgiving future,
and away from the distant past,
begin a new life time and think.
Let's savor, not make it quite as fast.
(Pushing past the last of fragments,
sad it is to be alone in this.
Beating me, it's beating me.
It separates a whole new day.
Im sad to let this go.
The world is waiting, my times up.
I never said I was ready to leave this behind.
I'm not sure)
Track Name: Humanity Is Sinking
The thoughts of these people around me are flawed.
Opinions like this are breaking the law.
Ignorance soars so high this morning.
(I feel the weight of this)
These words are all praised, oh so adoring.
You're stuck inside your shell. (Get the fuck out)
You think it's so nice (You better forget it)
You need to get a clue,
about your life.
You'll never find a devoted mind
to call out all the meaningless words of our times
This generation is making me faint,
everything that you say, you're seen as a saint
A robotic routine you wake up to
everyday you think it's so fucking true.
Well get ready, the day, it is new.
(I need to get out of this closed minded town.)
Rumors and Rumors and Rumors keep spreading around.
I need to get out.
Track Name: Hink Hall
This is the last time I'll put myself through this
I'll put you through this
The same thing that's happened the last couple months,
a reoccuring cycle of bliss.
Though I've seen the obscene of being the same,
I'll sing my praises and hope that one day,
these feelings will just fade, for I am the hunter and you are the prey.
From seeing the good in a free will subject.
Connections won't matter on this day.
The future won't be so sympathetic to my problems.
I know this will not last. Is this what you're looking for?
Someone to kick you when you're down.
When I'm on my high horse, wearing my crown
We'll look back at moments we've had in this town
So drown in surrounding this, a fake coat of happiness
A jacket of love and faith.
Track Name: Go West
Small town lives, inflated problems
Overthinking ways in which we solve them
We must get out, we must leave town quiet.
For we are but specs in a land of giants.
My conscience, a blackened description.
Of how action occurs safely within
The boundries, The moving on, The memory, when times went wrong.
It wasn't that I didn't have regretful apologies.
It's just that there's no sane way to forgive me.
If humanity can't forgive what happens next,
then what's the point on a book on life?
A glorified text.
Meaningless means just this, take what you have and double it.
I read, I said all I could say.
I know it happens everyday.
I want to see the sentances come out of that sweet mouth.
And I'll forgive you my friend, but earning it back
I'll forgive you my friend but you've lost all touch.
And I'll forgive you my friend but earning it back is a must.
Track Name: Transgressions
Do you even know what you're fighting about?
The far trailing shadow of a true friend.
Don't tell me that you got fucked over,
the truth is only so far away from reality.
So bring all your friends, bring them with pride.
You can tell them what happened, there's no place to hide.
We won't even care about your beliefs.
We'll just call you a pussy and rip off the sheets.
She wasn't even mine to begin with, and now she is free.
And you're no longer a friend to me.
I thought I knew you.
Cause beating you senseless is the right path to follow,
you preach about God but you can't seem to swallow,
the concept you spread is not the way you even live life.
My face is swollen, a knife in my back.
She's on the floor crying, facing the facts.
When jealousy takes over the mind,
you lose everything you never expected to leave behind.
I thought I knew you.
Track Name: Hold Onto Your Seat, Syanne
And I'm caring too much about this current life.
Focusing on the negatives I can't get away from.
And If I'm happy for the rest of my days,
I'm fairly certain that this carefree glaze will wear off,
and I'd just be plain.
I believe that beliefs a condemner, a fortune teller, tell us
I believe that beliefs a condemner, it helps you remember
you're human, you're regular
you're nothing to settle for, a lie that gets credit for
leaving you wanting more, with prayer you can settle scores
and start the greatest of wars.
Point away, the north star is partial to the man
sitting in Southern territory,
far from the sights of Eastern ressurection,
a Western world tangled in it's own arms
The narcicist embrace of a man in his mirror,
when will the woods come down?
We want to see what it's hiding.
The ocean evaporate, hence, and we will walk in it's basements.
There were sentences, left out of paragraphs,
left out of chapters of books never read.
These are the words they said, fit them inside my head,
say without doubt my old self is dead.
He flew so high, he flew with the doves,
reaching the skylines and stars up above,
we'll think of hope and say there will be better days,
but will will contimplate, within this sorry state.
There were sentences, left out of paragraphs,
left out of chapters of books never read.
These are the words they said, fit them inside my head,
say without doubt my old self is dead.
Track Name: White Roses
Well I live in fear, will you ever live the lies you let down?
Saying you won't is a statement that we can live by.
The five simple words she spoke, It ate away inside.
But somehow she treated it like a joke.
Like a show on rerun, or my last meal.
It's not you, it's me.
The sunrise, the sunset, please rest.
Please stop, you're taking this way too far.
I told you one thousand times, and the answer is always no.
Palms sweaty, nervous and insecure.
You make me uncomfortable, you make me feel so unsure.
Please think of something to say to me.
Arise these eyes.
Every tear you cried, I'll be there when the sun shines.
I'll steer clear, far away from the current, but sadly
the current is what brings me home,
safe, awake, but scared to face the world in front of me.
Track Name: Street Kings
She said I miss you son, on her hands and knees on the floor
She said I would not give this up, and once you get a taste
you come craving back for more.
This night is done for, It was mistaken when you said
I'll be here when you get back.
I would not lie to you, I swear.
What we had, mistaken for what was real.
Dearest if you stay I'll be here living a lie.
But darling If you go I'll be here broken, Empty inside.
I'd walk these streets for you,
Oh you know me, still, I'm the same.
The man inside me can't explain.
And there's nothing I can do but stay in this broken home.
Import crazy worthless lies,
and we'll live happily ever after in this thing we call a life.
It's now or never, what is it going to be?
A simple sentence I beg, a simple line is all I need.