by CityCop.

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12" available here via Flannel Gurl Records: www(dot)flannelgurl.bigcartel(dot)com

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released November 25, 2014

Loner was recorded in 2013 by Matt Lucy at Studio Twelve in Willoughby Ohio and again in 2014 at Refried Audio in Painesville, Ohio.
Mixed and Mastered by Refried Audio.

CityCop is:
Max Adams- Guitar/Vocals
Eddie Gancos- Vocals
Cody Mikesell- Drums
Todd Thompson- Bass/Vocals

Lyrics written by Eddie Gancos (Additional lyrics by Max Adams/Todd Thompson)

Artwork by: Todd Thompson/Mailbox Creative

We would like to thank everybody who made this record possible, every friend we have made in the past few years and everybody who believes in us.



all rights reserved


CityCop. Akron, Ohio

All Tour Dates can be found here: citycop.tumblr.com/shows


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Track Name: This Is War, War Is Hell
Welcome back.
It's been a while since I've seen you around.
And it's nice to have you back, it's alright, I guess we all have a little liar in all of us, it's hard to escape.
You see, The devils got his hands wrapped around my throat,
and he's not giving in, he's not letting go.
When I see him in my sleep every night, I think I'll embrace him.
Because as bad as a figure that he's become,
at least I've got somebody to talk to.
My minds always racing, I can never sit still, I've got this problem and it's making me ill.
But It's three in the morning now, I need to get sleep, cause in a few hours the devil and I meet.
The pressures weighing down on me, it's weighing down on me.
Track Name: Suburban Nightmare
The quietest of car rides, how bittersweet.
And it's times like these when I'm down to nothing
And when we came to a stop, you grabbed me by my withering hands,
and for what?
Now it's dawn, I'm standing and staring, to hear a phrase I've feared and hated.
Reject, reject all the things you were taught when you were young,
Rewind, rewind all the moments you could have changed.
It's an old sob story.
Track Name: Drench
You’ve probably heard me sing it in a few songs of the past,
And it seems like i live it day by day
It’s my own fault.
This story is no different from the last.
But i still feel like I’m stuck, stuck in a rut.
I’m becoming a little jaded now.
But there's still a ray of hope.
A few things that are keeping me satisfied.
And when the season comes to an end, just leave me behind.
I’ll say goodbye, one last time. Say goodbye, say goodbye.

The interstate is awfully quiet and empty tonight
I’ll say goodbye one last time, say goodbye, say goodbye
As my skin grows older,
I’ve come to realize that the best things in life are not
What you hope for.
They’re what suddenly grab you, surprise you
And once you can accept this, you'll soon achieve more
That smirk on my face that i gave you last year,
It’s fading.
I’m a goner, a loner. It’s getting darker. The curtain is closed.
And I’m leaving you to fend, on your own.
Guess it was the only solution.
But you'll never know.
Will you?
Track Name: Glass Bones
I think I’m most comfortable in a forest or a garden
And i wish i wasn't draggin my feet on the ground so often
Give me some convenience; tell me how you feel,
Tell me who you've loved, tell me how to deal with
This strange, yet comforting transition in my life
And maybe I’ll give you a smirk in return
A shadow that's always watching me grow,
Countless times that I’ve been wishing,
But I’ve never even seen you shed a tear.

Relax, and reobserve, it's changing, and now I've got
A new sense of fear
You’re shaken, you’re shattered, and it’s not getting better
It’s over, and now i must find a new place to
Rub off these feelings of doubt
And as i lay awake, the sweat will still drip down,
And i know it's late, but I’m not the only one who can't sleep.

And as the family mourned the loss of a man, now a memory.
The main concern was wondering who could replace him,
Keep moving,
Escape, don't let this take you over.
Get out while you're young they tell me.
I think I just might take that advice to mind.
Escape; don't let this take you over.
Escape, Escape.
Selfless, Lifeless, Helpless, now gone for good.
Track Name: Fear and Self Loathing in Ohio
If angels are real, I can hear their halos collapsing above me,
And if the devil is real, i can feel him breathing inside of me
Every day i wake up at 5am, i drive 60 minutes
To see the blank expressions on the faces of pedestrians
I get extremely worried by it.
Why are such strong human beings acting in such a way?
What worries me more is questioning myself.
Why am i feeling the same?
It seems that a lot of my peers are "bored" with life.
I guess all of the distractions around us aren't enough to keep
us satisfied anymore.
bored with life.
Are we so spoiled as human beings that we can actually be "bored"
With something as beautiful and extraordinary as life?
Maybe we aren't pushing ourselves hard enough to change this fact.
Because, im not bored, im busy.
Oh what i would give to be "bored"
I would rip my heart out of my chest and drag it through
Broken glass to achieve such a goal.
But still, i worry.
I worry for the future generations who will never know what it's like
To have a real childhood, the kind that you and i had.
We are so fucking consumed by technology
That our brains will be made of computer chips and wires soon enough.
But there is still hope.
An extremely tiny spec of it, but it's still floating around somewhere.
Waiting. Wishing. Praying. For something better.
all words we can relate to and latch on to.
If angels are real, I can hear their halos collapsing above me,
And if the devil is real, i can feel him breathing inside of me