Family Ties​/​Labors Of Love

by CityCop

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Max Adams- Guitar/Vocals
Eddie Gancos- Vocals
Cody Mikesell- Drums
Todd Thompson- Bass/Vocals

Released in January 2013 via Flannel Gurl Records and Sea Of Tranquility Records

Cassette available via: Flannel Gurl Records and Sea Of Tranquility Records

This is our half of the CityCop & Les Doux split entitled Family Ties/ Labors of Love. These three short songs are placed on an album alongside some of the best people that we have had the pleasure of befriending during our trials and travels as CityCop.


released January 15, 2013

Produced by Matt Lucy from Suite Twelve in Willoughby, Ohio.



all rights reserved


CityCop. Akron, Ohio

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Track Name: Family Ties
He had that slight smell on his breath of that old number seven,
his blend twenty-sevens, the only things getting him by
He tried and he tried, leaving all his gripes behind
A flask inside an absent mind, It was only a matter of time.
Track Name: The Rain Song
Make me happy, Please. My body is so worn down.
In This quiet, empty joke of a town.
And if my courage shines right through my eyes, maybe I can find the time.
Track Name: Hospital Beds
Though my visits are so brief, you see me as more than a man.
A triumphent figure of past and present.
I'm So Tired. (And my thoughts turn into these words, my words turn into echos.)
It's funny how life works sometimes.
I've become the person I despise.
Everytime I see my reflection, I cry.
Find it hard to buy?
What could of been, Leading by example again.
I talked to God last night, I asked him, who the fuck am I?
I talked to God last night, I asked him who the fuck?
Track Name: Les Doux - Silver Creek
When I was five you stood like a tree, you everything that I wanted to be.
But it was cold as hell and I was worried sick, when November came and you boarded that plane.
Egress my brother, come back home
Forget the dead armies, and the love that robbed you
It's raining and it's pouring, but our father is not sleeping.
None of us sleep well these days since you left
We've all been clinging to your letters.
And how in the hell does your wife sleep when you're gone
I won't let you you become that shadow, sliding out of your own skin.
Would you die for that ground from which your bones where hewn from
You were all teeth and repose when you came back, half of the man that you were when you left.
Track Name: Les Doux - Kingsbridge Blues
I've been carrying on like a crow, I only sing about what I know
My familiar girl dressed in white, you only caw in the dead of night
All jaws and no hunger, I was yours when I was younger
You don't feel the same anymore, you left a lack I can't ignore
I've still got some growing up to do, if I had my way you know that I would grow right into you
Kingsbridge was home for me too, but looking back I guess that's because of you
I guess what I'm nervous about, is you'll let anyone else feel the things I felt
If getting better is just forgetting, I'm not sure that's not just what I want for me
I want to hold on to everything I've loved, every single memory
You want to know how I feel? I'm not whole, I'm twisted inside.
But look at you now, you've straightened up, and fixed your crooked spine with no help of mine.
Track Name: Les Doux - Stomaching Loss
Its been three months since the last time I spoke with you
And I guess Im doing fine
I still remember the way that I trembled
My stomaching in knots, the way my heart dropped
And those feelings still haunt me from time to time
But I swear I am doing fine
You always hated to see your friends down
I always hated to say goodbye
"Can you hear me?
Are you even listening?
Is he up there with you?
Or is he stuck in my dreams?"
You would hate to see me that way,
My faith gone, and how I tried
To carry on with life after something in me died
How could I know, that the last time we spoke,
Would be the last time
I wish that I'd known
That the last time we spoke
Would be the last time,
We would say goodbye
I should have been there that day, maybe things could have been different,
Maybe someday I'll see you again